Wedding Vows

I, Michael take you, Christine to be my wife. I promise by God's grace as He enables me to love you as Christ loved the Church, and to daily make sacrifices for you. I will put your needs before mine, and will consider you in all my decisions. I promise to care for you as I care for my own body. I will be considerate as I live with you, and give you honour as the weaker partner and an heir together with me of the gracious gift of life.

I will speak the truth to you in Love. I will encourage you and strengthen you in your walk with God. I will not let the sun go down on my anger, instead I will be gracious to you, tender hearted, forgiving you even as God has forgiven me. I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and not depend on my own understanding, I will acknowledge Him in everything, knowing that He will direct our paths. I will follow Him where ever he leads us, putting the extension of his kingdom before all worldly possessions and pleasures. I will be peaceful, content, and joyful in every situation we encounter knowing that He is at work for our good and that we can do all things through his strength.

I acknowledge before the Lord my continuous need for his grace in my inability to do all these things, and rely on him alone for the power I need to live in a Godly way as your husband.



Dominic said... 6/29/2007 10:45 am  

Dear Mike,

I think it's great to learn your vows off by heart.

This gives you a basis to refer back to in the years ahead.



Ruth said... 6/29/2007 10:53 am  

Hey Mike - I've been praying for you and Christine. Great the day is so close at hand now.

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