Bucks night and an apology

I need to firstly apologise to all my bloke friends who I didn't manage to invite to my bucks night last night. It was a hastily organised affair and I didn't have time to really get invitations organised. In any case I reckon there were about 25 or more people. 16 whole Domino's Pizza were consumed, along with most of a carton of beer.

I have to give credit to Ian H for this little beer stunt... look carefully below...

A nice mix of German and American just like my lovely girl. There were some girly cakes that I had to eat as well...

It was quite a tame event. Although I was forced to endure the world's worst movie Attack Force with Steven Seagal. How bad you ask? Well it rates 2.6 stars on IMBD that's bad. User quote "how to waste 12 million dollars". We watched it in fun and cheering and jeering while trying to predict each (very bad) plot move.

Thanks to Jason, and Jono for organising the evenings activities.



Stan and Clare said... 6/03/2007 2:39 pm  

Mate - that's a pretty light bucks. When I had a bucks day, we went to paintball where I wore a orange jumpsuit with a fluoro vest. Everyone else was in camo gear.

I also had to endure running the gauntlet (where people took aim at me as I sprinted 100m) and the final game (where everyone decided to waste their bullets from me - and also left me alone!).

Ah - bucks party's....

Bron said... 6/03/2007 2:43 pm  

Good choice of beer though. We only just finished the last of the two six-packs of Blue that people brought up for us in April. Gotta make it last up here!

Bron said... 6/03/2007 2:44 pm  

hey when are you coming up to sydney btw?

Pryderi said... 6/03/2007 3:16 pm  

You had to eat "girly cakes"?
My grandma could've organised a more frightening bucks night...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Glad to hear you had fun.

Angus said... 6/03/2007 3:51 pm  

Good to hear the pizza quotient was about right. I think it was Nick B who said the correct pizza quotient for a party was 0.8.

Sounds like fun though!

Bron said... 6/03/2007 3:55 pm  

Nick, quoting Sam Green I think

Axel and Manny said... 6/03/2007 3:57 pm  

yeah sounds like the standard cristian bucks nite- sounded better then stu white's tho. apart from a quick waxing session, his was a very standard dinner and drinks.

wish you all the best with the next month or so!

hey whats up with the rest of your blog? have you been hacked!?!?


mike said... 6/03/2007 4:01 pm  

I'll be there on the 11th June (Monday week)

Bron said... 6/03/2007 4:43 pm  

Ah, that's a public holiday btw!

BSJ-rom said... 6/04/2007 11:45 am  

Pizza quotient is a function of time and demographic. For a "Dinner" time for alpha males, I would have thought that the inverse of the standard party quota would be more suitable. IE, 1.2 pizzas per person. This corresponds to just under 10 slices per person. This, of course, assumes that pizzas are of either the pizza hut or domino variety. (Mind you, I have been known to get through my own large la porchetta and then help finish off other people's fair. But I have gluttonous tendencies... Mind you, I reckon Dave would give it a razz without going near the glutton territory...)

Jonny said... 6/06/2007 12:15 am  

My boss asked me about the weekend and I said I had been to a bucks party and we had 16 pizzas when the boss stopped me. "Jon, with all due respect and not meaning to offend, but was this a Christian bucks party?" No stripper? It was too cold, none of us were going to strip.

Pablo said... 6/06/2007 9:45 pm  

I guess that I was one of the 'bloke friends' that you failed to invite. Or maybe Nick just forgot to pass it on...

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