Pirates III - The Curse of the Crap Sequel

Too many gratuitous hangings
Too many explosions
Too many special effects
Too long
Too much feminazi Kira Knightly
Too much Johnny Depp
Too much weirdness
Too much stupid monkey humor.

Too much and just not that good. Wait for the DVD.

This idiot really sums it up for me. (He had a penguin on his shoulder) I give it two stars plus one for the guy with the penguin, over to you Margret...



PiPi said... 5/27/2007 11:56 pm  

"Ohhhhhh DAAAAAAAVid!"

jeltzz said... 5/28/2007 8:16 am  

i would say, not enough Johnny Depp, because he alone had the potential to relieve the long and winding story of its monotony.

Angus said... 5/30/2007 8:25 pm  

"Ohhhhhh DAAAAAAAVid!"

Hee hee hee! I totally read this in Margaret's gravelly voice!

And not enough Johnny Depp. I actually wrote a good reply to this a couple of days ago. Blogger ate it.

Donna-May said... 6/01/2007 8:25 am  

i had really really low expectations for it and so thought it was ok. The end was pretty stupid though. Really really hope there's not going to be another one.

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