Older is better

The old building (since 1873)

I went to preach at out at Richmond tonight. It was an interesting experience. I adapted this sermon from a couple of weeks back for the "older" (read 70s ish) congregation. I threw in some more stuff about how good heaven is/will be and how great it is to have an eternal inheritance and took out references to Google and the internet. There were about 12 or so people there.

The location

Three things occurred to me while I was there... Firstly I was overcome with a sense of humility. These men and women had been pumping along as Christians for longer than I've been alive. I was very grateful to them for allowing me to preach there considering my relatively young age.

Twilight streetscape in Richmond from the church...

Secondly I learned older people love a good story. They loved all my story illustrations and personal experiences in the sermon. Afterward I told them the Mike and Christine story (complete with sovereign God application) which they loved.

...then across at the pub.

Thirdly for the Christian as you age and outwardly waste away, you inwardly become renewed to be a person more and more like Christ. These older people have an amazing love for the Lord.

Old people of Richmond you get a Christians I respect award.



Bron said... 5/28/2007 10:54 am  

We love Richmond. It's always been such a humbling and encouraging experience whenever Nick's preached there.

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