Mark the Overlander

There is a mysterious new member of the Winter Palace Clan.

Now if you aren't familiar with the Winter Palace it is a strange house. It is a house of many stories. I've heard a number of people died there including a girl who hung herself. It was also rumoured the Tarkine Tigers used to have orgies there. More recently it has been inhabited by a large rat. There was one a few years ago but it got run over by a car because it was so fat. It lay flat on the road like a small rug for weeks...

Jonny his brother Ant, Pos and Matt all live there. They are all weird in their own ways (not in a pejorative way). Ant uses the house as a recording studio for exciting and famous people (see here). I spend a lot of time at the Winter Palace and regard all the guys as my friends in fact I almost feel like I live there sometimes.

Mark the Overlander is newest member of the team. He's a very interesting bloke, traveling the world, traversing continents like they were stepping stones on the path of life, making short videos along the way. You can read some more about him here.



the elusive overlander said... 5/11/2007 10:31 pm  

Thanks Mike

I really should wear that hat more often!!

the elusive overlander

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