Jolly's bogan day off...

I caught up with an old Uni mate this morning for coffee. She told me enough horrific teaching stories to scare me off teaching for the next few years. Lets just say she worked in some of the more "difficult" schools located in the northern suburbs behind the "flannel curtain".

I then wound my way down the Channel with Keith and Wombat to watch some local AFL footy (Australian Rules Football for you non Aussies). The Channel Saints were playing Claremont*. We arrived in time for the end of the reserves game which included an impromptu fight and biffo after the siren.

The actual game was pretty scrappy. We left before the final siren with Channel lagging badly as you can see from the pic below.

I then completed the day with a ride out on the bike track which ends in the aforementioned suburb. It felt good riding, really good infact. I'm pretty sure my fitness is back up to where it used to be when I was back at Uni. The ride home was uneventful with no close encounters of the bogan kind**. So that was my bogan day off.

*(a suburb located behind the flannel curtain)
**(bogans have been known to attack people on the bike track)



BSJ-rom said... 5/14/2007 5:50 pm  

Good to see you supporting local footy!

Anonymous said... 5/19/2007 4:25 pm  

wat do u mean lagging badly? that looks like on of their closer games. good effort boys...maybe next week is the week when u finally crack 75% of the oppositions score.

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