Happy Easter... march of the Penguins

Happy Easter to everyone out there.
Thankyou to all my readers for their continued support and for commenting on my blog. For God's glory

Now enjoy this video a nice short one too...

(Cheers to Seumas for the link)



Miss Halfway said... 4/08/2007 9:57 am  

hey=) im new in here and im trying to make some friends^^

i was reding ur personal info... have u really had ur ribs broken by a girl while playing netball???

i know i shouldn't say this, but.. it sounds funny ((sorry!))

anyway.. happy easter to you:)

mike said... 4/08/2007 4:09 pm  

Thanks Miss halfway.

Miss Halfway said... 4/09/2007 10:51 am  

it may be a good starting point, i won't deny it, what im against is... chocolate eggs!!

chocolate gives you pleasure, it makes you happy and, above all, is expensive! what this whole day should be about is actually... the oposite!

we should not get pleasure when we are commemorating the death of out saviour, we should not be happy about it, coz, really.. it's nothing to be happy about and if, indeed, one feels happy about someone else dying to save you, then you have a serious problem, and last but not least, celebrations of this kind are not supposed to cost anything! and what they are trying to make you think ((and have been trying to make you think over the years)) is that there cannot be any easter without chocolate easter eggs... and that's so not the point of this!

*feels upset*

have a good week=)

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