Why Germany?

Pull up a chair and I'll explain why I'm getting married in Germany...

Reason 1 - Hanover International Bible Church was pumped* to host a wedding. If some brothers and sisters want to host my wedding good on em.

Reason 2 Organisation - Christine and I are both very busy. I have work I can do and want to do coming out my left nostril and big toe. The last thing I want to do is organise another wedding (yes I have done this before see reason 3). Christine is busy with her study and moving/selling stuff. On the other hand the Hanover duders were pumped* to organise and cater for a wedding (see reason 1).

Reason 3 Stress - I have been through the wedding organisational process it before and it was a "organisational freaking nightmare". I was keen not to have to revisit said "freaking nightmare". When the peeps at Hanover Bible church offered... You guys are grouse... mate where do I sign.

Reason 4 - Neutral ground - meaning it favors neither my friends or Christine's friends.

Reason 5 - Christine's pares live there. They are cool. End of story.

Reason 6 - I have dreamed of having a wedding where anyone who wanted to could come for ages. Usually you have a "A list of friends" and a "B list of friends" (I went through this the last time)... what rubbish everyone is my A list friend and invited to my wedding and reception. If you can't make the trip fine... but realise you are an "A list friend".

Reason 7 Cost - Now you might be thinking it's soooo freaking expensive to fly there and back... well it's probably costing us the same or less than most of my mates who got married... and I get to go to honeymoon in Germany and Singapore.

Reason 8 - Christine wanted to do it and I agreed it was a wicked** idea.

*"Pumped" here means "enthusiastic"
**"Wicked here means "good" or "great"



Laura said... 2/23/2007 3:44 am  

Reason #9 -- Germany is really pretty.

Reason #10 -- To give Laura a reason to use her frequent flyer miles.

ckhnat said... 2/23/2007 5:23 am  

Reason #11 - Because Christine is HIBC's Pastor's daughter.

Reason #12 - Christine wants to show Mike the beautiful country she grew up in and loves oh so much!

any other reasons?

ckhnat said... 2/23/2007 5:34 am  
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ckhnat said... 2/23/2007 5:35 am  

ok, um ... when he writes "Christine wanted to do it." there's more to it than ...

"I want to get married in Germany! No other place will do! If you really love me, you'll support me in this."

No, I went through all the things Mike listed above (and then some) and realized in light of our unique situation, Germany was probably our best option.

There's no way we could please everyone. Germany is our compromise.

Angus said... 2/23/2007 11:35 am  

Germany sounds awesome! As long as you guys get heaps of photos for us to check out! Of course, knowing you two, lack of photos probably won't be a problem ;) (we have the same issue in my family;)

Laura said... 2/23/2007 1:12 pm  

Reason #13 -- because Mike needs another stamp in his passport!

Donners said... 2/26/2007 12:52 pm  

Aw! I understand. You do whatever you like. If we can;t make it we will see pics.

Strangely, I'm having a homesick day and you are one of the people I really miss right now Mike...

But dry your eyes mike, I will still pay you out like anything if I see you! ( in Christian love of course)

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