Mike and Nikki

A while ago I blogged about being encouraging... "Christians should be encouraging". So here is the first in a series of posts about people who I respect and find tremendously encouraging.

Mike always makes time even though he is busy. Mike is a busy guy... busier than most people I know. He runs our church yet always manages to make time to help me with a Bible study, children's talk or sermon. Nikki also does heaps. I'm a big believer that behind any great preacher lies a wife whose support is essential to their ministry success. Nikki is a marvelous example of this and a number of people have commented as much. Nikki also has an active child to look after.. many times even though pregnant and tired she has made the effort to talk to people, attend meetings and be hospitable. It is very encouraging.

I used to live with Mike and Nikki and their patience with me and my personal faults and willingness to forgive brought me on occasions close to tears. Mike practices what he preaches. Social time and hang out time are important... so Mike and I hang out... he asks me about cars (and is actually interested).

Mike is the broadest thinker I know. The breadth of understanding Mike has for our church and future makes my mind boggle. I don't know how he holds it all together. Weekly plans, monthly aims, yearly goals. Mike always listens carefully and is open to correction. I noticed this happening just last weekend.

Praise God for Mike and Nikki. God has worked wonderfully in their lives.



The Borg said... 2/07/2007 7:01 pm  

Awesome post about Mike and Nikki. They are amazing people and they are livin' it. They're a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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