Gameshow Camp 2007

This week promises to be another packed one…
Today was spent making further tweaks to my 3 talks for Emmanuel School Gameshow Camp beginning Wednesday. For those who don’t know the Kingston duders (Kingston Reformed Church) are running the games and activities for around 80 kids from grade 7 to 10. My job is do three talks based on Game shows.

I’m pretty happy with the talks and am pleased to report that I reckon they’d be close to the best I’ve written. For those who are interested the talks are on Ecclesiastes (Wheel of Fortune), Proverbs (Millionaire) and Song of Songs (The Bachelor/Bachelorette). The aim is to use the game shows to explore the meaning of life.

Tomorrow will be a maga planning day with Sam which will help get my aims and priorities sorted out for the year. More about that soon including my amazingly organized paperless office.

Things to pray about include that the talks will go well and children will be converted. I'm also missing Christine a lot.



Lauren said... 2/14/2007 11:14 pm  

those sound like great topics for talks... I'd like to hear them!
I'll look forward to hearing about how they went!

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