What's happend to Christimas?

I went for a walk through Eastlands (Nearby shopping mall) the other day and this was the only thing I could find that was even remotely Christian...

Is trying to reclaim Christmas for Christ a lost cause?

In other news it seems that "pink" is the new "red". I walked past Santa's temple to discover it was decorated in ghastly pink. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Santa.... but pink?..... please! In fact all the decorations in the center were pink rather than the traditional red.



Jonny said... 12/06/2006 11:35 am  

Strangely, I also noticed this while I was at Eastlands. It is probably typical of most malls, but I suspect back in the city centre you could find at least the seads of the tradition. Check out Myre. Does anyone have a pic of this years Myre display in Sydney? Only because their nativity scene was well known at one time.

Pablo said... 12/06/2006 1:25 pm  

I thought you guys decided that the decorations were puce. And you forgot to mention the hideous 'glamour' pet beds at Chickenfeed (Kate told me about them. **I DO NOT WANT ONE**

Bron said... 12/06/2006 3:18 pm  

Myer have deliberately removed 'christmas' - it's officially called 'the holiday season' now. Ask Amy I, she used to work there.

Marion said... 12/06/2006 3:27 pm  

Bron there seems to be a backlash in some places (USA & here) where people are deliberately saying Have a merry Christmas. I was trying on clothes in Big W & overheard the assistants discussing whether or not they wd say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to customers. They decided Christmas was the better option.

bronwyn said... 12/06/2006 9:11 pm  

That's good to hear :)

Amy said... 12/08/2006 11:59 am  

Indeed Bron, the 'holiday season' it is. You have a good memory!! ironically the christmas carols continue over the loud speakers.

Unfortunately they are usually things like 'I'm getting nothing for Christmas", "Jingle Bells", "Silver Bells", 'winter wonderland', "All I want for Christmas is you".

However, most carols are awesomely christian, they talk of sin, of judgement, of great joy in Christ saving us from both of these things and restore us to God.

I wax and wane between being excited when I hear great carols in public places and being sad for those who still don't hear, understand and repent...

Christmas carols are such a strong warning, and yet families flock to carols by candlelight and go home unsaved.

Prray that God saves this Christmas!!

As for the pink. I find most shop christmas decorations annoying, hypocritical and money grubbing, scuse my cynicism.

Radagast said... 12/08/2006 2:28 pm  

O holy Child of Bethlehem,
descend to us, we pray;
cast out our sin, and enter in,
be born in us today.
We hear the Christmas angels
the great glad tidings tell;
O come to us, abide with us,
our Lord Emmanuel!

Andy M said... 12/08/2006 3:05 pm  

Actually, that's not true regarding Myer. Have a look at their advertising - they advertise themselves as "my store at Christmas".

Anyway, not suggesting they are therefore the bastion of Christ-centred celebrations, just correcting the suggestion they have removed the word "Christmas" at all.

Jonny asked about Myer's window display in Sydney. They don't do one as the renovation of the store about 10 years ago means they no longer have windows facing out onto the street. However, David Jones do a pretty snazzy window display and I think I did notice a nativity scene when I wondered past today.

Andy M said... 12/08/2006 3:08 pm  

Agree with Amy on the words of Christmas carols and how sad it is to hear them playing, but going in one ear, out the other.

My favourite is Hark The Herald Angels Sing:

Hark! the herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King
Peace on earth and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled!"


Mild He lays His glory by,
born that man no more may die;
Born to raise the sons of earth,
born to give them second birth

Beautiful stuff!

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