I'm heading off early tomorrow morning to see Christine. A big thank you to all the people who have wished me well in emails, text messages and via msn it has been humbling. Your prayers have been and will continue to be valued greatly by both of us.

For various reasons my blog will take a short vacation. Christine and I don’t currently have plans to post while I’m there.

God is truly great may this be for his glory.

supportMIKE out



aus_chick said... 11/03/2006 1:47 am  

Good Luck and have fun! We'll be almost crossing paths :-)

Pablo said... 11/03/2006 9:49 am  

I can't believe it's finally happening! Of course, your brothers and sisters in Christ will be praying that you both have fun 'meeting' each other. Yay!!!

Nixter said... 11/03/2006 11:15 am  

Woo Hoot - have a great time :)

CraigS said... 11/03/2006 4:55 pm  

Blessings bro

ckjolly said... 11/04/2006 5:06 pm  

He's here safe. Just sent him off to bed. He's staying with my friends C and J.

Laura said... 11/04/2006 6:11 pm  

You're HERE! Hooray!

Angus said... 11/05/2006 12:51 pm  

Good luck man! I look forward to seeing the first photo of you two together!

mike said... 11/07/2006 5:55 am  

The first pic will be on e-bay when I get back ;)

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