supportMIKE update

I made it back into the country on Monday night after a good 30 plus hours of battling across the pacific. Many may be jealous but I didn’t really suffer any jet lag flying in either direction during my travels.

In any case I’m back into my work straight away. I’ll be working 4 days a week cleaning windows until I finish up at the end of December.

In the mean time I’ll be considerably revamping my blog and switching to blogger beta where I can more effectively manage things. There will also be more focus on the ministry work I’ll be doing beginning next year. Please be patient in the interim. I’ll also be busy getting as much support for FOCUS and myself in preparation for FOCUS next year.

As announced before Christine and I will be getting married June 29th next year. It wasn’t made clear before but we’ll be coming back to Australia to live in Hobart. Christine and I have agreed that my original ministry plans (working for FOCUS for two years) will remain unchanged.

Thankyou again to all my friends (round the world) and family who prayed for this trip things could not have turned out better.

supportMIKE over and out



Christine said... 11/25/2006 1:50 pm  

good job, my love.

looks nice

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