supportMIKE tour... continues

The supportMIKE tour moves ever onwards.

This morning I visited Holy Trinity Anglican church. I was particularly impressed with their friendliness. I was also impressed with the current move toward a gospel focus being made in a number of Anglican churches in Hobart including Holy Trinity. These moves will see a number of congregations combine and possibly a couple of churches shut. Please keep our Anglican brothers in your prayers.

I’m also pushing my written letter campaign forward this week. My aim is to have most of my support letters and support visits organized before I leave for my jaunt in the US of A.

12 days to go... not that I'm counting ;)



neotech said... 10/23/2006 6:35 am  

I am glad you are going to america you will witness first hand all the control that religions impose try and find time for utah

you asked me what makes me feel this way but you only have to look around at all the unrest which is all down to one religion trying to control their own flock and dismissing the others holy wars muslims call for anyone outside the catholic faith is satanic according to them. Look back to what the christians did to your ancestors the children that were sent over from British work houses all in the name of the almighty. People are brainwashed to a bigger or lesser degree according to which faith you follow. when they feel they are losing control and people start turning away from religion. guess what they move the goalposts. suddenly its ok if you are gay or a female minister or a suicide bomber just so long ats its in the name of the almighty one. By the way there is nothin wrong with gays or female ministers in my opinion but why should they be used just to get backsides back on seats

Jonny said... 10/23/2006 2:53 pm  

neotech: I think a fair few that read this blog would be all for keeping the goalposts firmly fixed, even if it means we remian a decreasing minority. So yes, there is something wrong with being a gay minister or suicide bomber.

mike said... 10/27/2006 7:47 pm  

Dear Neo
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my request. If I may and with respect I'd like to point out some inconsistencies in your point.

Firstly I like you look around me and see many things done in the name of Christianity and other faiths that disturbs and saddens me. You are right to point out that many evil things have been done in the name of religion even here in Australia.

However it is important to note that this isn't a reason to write off what I believe and many other Christians here believe.

It's very important to point out that just because something (eg. Religion, faith etc) can be used for or has the potnetial to be used for evil does not make it evil in and of its self. For example computers can be used by people for evil but this doesn't mean that they are evil in and of themselves. In fact they can be used for great good (saving lives etc).

I'd argue that Christinaity understood properly does not and cannot justify any of those actions you mentioned.

I'd also ask that you'd evaluate who and what Christians here believe based on what we say, do, and speak to each other.

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