How to be better at Evangelism Part 3*

Pray more - more often and more passionately.

If you start by praying for deeper relationships, if you start actively getting to know people better, you will end up loving them more, desiring their salvation more, praying for them more often and praying for them more passionately.

If you have deeper relationships with Christians it will be more natural to pray with each other for one another's friends and family. In doing so you will end up growing in your relationship with God and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

(*My good friend Emma (aka "The Poo") guest posts about evangelism for the final time. Thankyou Emma.)



BSJ-rom said... 9/16/2006 7:20 pm  

Solid words. Who's that in the photo? You're bringing back memories of Maclean which is always nice.

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